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Changes that have been made to the Web Site

  • Updated Combined pulling schedule with changes recieved from Andrea
  • Recreated the Flyers page, added 2007 pulling flyer link
  • Added pull flyer to Schedule page
  • NWTPA RULES page has been updated for the current rule sets. Truck rules are to be reviewed and revised on Saturday May the 5th.
  • 2007 NWTPA Club Meeting Minute notes have been added to the NEW NWTPA Club Meeting Minutes Notes page
  • Contacts page is working again. email addresses added for Steve, Andrea and Dave. Club regular mail address has been added.
  • Updating and Renaming the Buy/Sale page. Add categories for Tractor, 4x4 and Parts to the Classifieds page.

  • Change the website from advertisement based to yearly fee based. NO MORE POP-UPS.

  • Contact and classifieds page updated with new email address.

  • Email created for submitting ads or other information. Link can be found on the Contacts page once it is working again.

  • POPUPS are gone.